I worked more than 12 years in Citibank / Targobank – most of the time in international project teams with mutlicultural teams.

2005 I was sent for the first time to Singapore. This was my first stay abroad and I met really nice and supportive people over there.

I realized how easy things can be, when you have support and knowledge from locals, who know how things work. Until 2008/2009 I was in total five times in Singapore and when I came back I realized how less we in our German project teams took care about our expat colleagues.

Realizing this was the first step -changing it the next one.

When I left the bank in 2012 and started working fulltime as Real Estate broker in my own company – again I was in contact with many international clients.

And my service did not stop, once they signed their rental contract. I did the extry mile and provided different services for my clients – even when they were not charged.

This was the Source for German Sherpa – guiding Expats when they arrive in Germany.

First I focused on living – finding a longterm or shortterm flat.

In 2016 I decided to go back to my financial roots and started as a financial consultant for Swiss Life Select.

Again I realized that most of my clients have international background – and this I made my unique point of sales. I consult in English language, which most of the financial consultants in Germany do not feel comfortable with.

In May 2018 I was asked if I would conduct a Financial Consulting Session in English language if there would be an audience of 10 people – I said yes.

We got 60 people on the first call. So I conducted 21 Sessions in 2018 with more than 250 people attending them.

The story continues. In 2019 there will also be a monthly Financial Consulting Session for Expats. In June 2019 we will conduct the first Real Estate Seminar in English language.