Expat „Basic“ Package

Basic Package

You are new to Germany. The recommended and essential basic coverage on top to the mandatory Health Insurance ist the following:

  • Private Liability Insurance

  • Household Insurance

  • Legal Expenses Insurance

Private Liability Insurance

(Privathaftpflicht Versicherung)

Covers any 3rd Party damages caused by unintentional action from your side.

The basic liability insurance covers

  • property
  • personal (This can be huge amount in case the damage caused by you results in a lifetime disability of the 3rd person)
  • assets
  • rent

related damages

  • Take care that a child below the age of 7 needs to be separately insured in some contracts.

Household Insurance


Covers any damages to your belongings – e.g. if you take your flat or house,  turn it upside down, everything that falls out would be insured against:

  • Fire, tap water, storm, hail, burglary, robbery and vandalism

In addition, other inclusions are possible, such as the theft of bicycles or the coverage of elemental damage and overvoltage damage.

Legal Expenses Insurance


covers legal costs in case you have trouble with other people in

  • private
  • Labour
  • Traffic
  • Rental / house

related topics


Ensure that your legal expenses insurance is always with a different insurance company than your other contracts – just in case.

You want to go for your basic protection in Germany?

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