• Private or Public

    In which scenarios it make sense to switch to private…

  • Private or public?

    Ever tried to fix an appointment with a doctor in Germany?

Health Care

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Health care is an important topic, and most of you are members in the public system.

So you pay around 450 Euros monthly from your end (+ same amount from your employer) and you get a basic coverage only.

Ever tried to fix an appointment with a doctor in Germany ?

They never ask what is the medical issue you have – their first question is: “What is your insurance – private or public”

There are a lot of rumors regaring health care in the internet – we provide all the answers to that topic for you.

More Info

  • wait three months to get an appointment with a doctor (when you are public)
  • Overloaded medics (after 2 yrs of pandemic)
  • Increasing costs of medical insurance
  • in parallel the government is decreasing the coverage again and again (since decades)

What if you could get an appointment immediately within a weeks time?

What if you could get better coverage (in most cases for a much lower price)?

What if you could get a decent refund, if you are not using your healht insurance?

What if you are also covered back home (outsinde Europe)?

We have the right partners to solve these issues for you based on your personal needs / individual situation.

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