The latest Internations study (2022) on expat welcome culture worldwide, shows that expats rank Germany as one of the least hospitable countries for expats.

Only 51% of expats feel the German welcome culture is friendly or present – this is far below the global average of 66% who rate the welcome culture in their new country as satisfactory.

53% of all expats in Germany find it difficult to adapt to German culture.

And again, a look at the global average of 62% shows that expats worldwide find it much easier to adapt to and participate in the culture of their new home country.

In the overall ranking of the most popular destinations for expats, Germany is only 42nd out of 52 countries surveyed.

What is the reason for this feeling expats have about Germany?

On the one hand, expats appreciate Germany’s high safety standards, “German efficiency,” good income opportunities, social and health care systems, and free education at German universities. The “Made in Germany” quality standard still has meaning for many expats.

On the other hand, there are a number of reasons why Germany is not one of the top locations expats opt for.

One of the main reasons against settling in Germany is that expats experience German society as very cold and isolated – it is difficult for expats to make German friends and become part of the community. German bureaucracy and rules also make it difficult for expats to feel at home here. One of our clients from India told us, “For me, it’s hard to understand the German system, whether it’s the annual tax return or finding the right insurance policies – I don’t understand what’s mandatory and important for me and what you should just have.”

A large proportion of the expats we meet in our free online seminars and 1:1 consultations have probably felt confronted with these thoughts at some point.

The Swisslife Select Expats team – a group of currently 14 advisors with international and local backgrounds working across Germany – focuses on solutions for expats on all financial topics – starting at what are the right investment options, to how to find the right health insurance and how to secure income and family, to how to get a home loan (also with bluecard) and how to invest in real estate in Germany.

We know how it feels to be an expat

says Marcel Plum (47), founder of the Swiss Life Select Expat Team, who used to work abroad himself.

Our main focus is to support expats in all aspects of life during their stay in Germany and to accompany them in their new environment so that they feel at home and can become part of the community.

The Swiss Life Select Expats team offers free online information events on various financial topics and conducts individual consultations – the team works throughout Germany and digitally.

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