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Community is everything, and we humans have a deep inner compulsion to belong to a community. It may be a family, a circle of friends, a group of colleagues, a sports club or a cultural or traditional association.

Many of you are alone in an initially foreign country – a strong community can change that. A strong community can give you support when you can’t make it on your own. A community can help with integration, also with the integration into a new culture, and at the same time it can preserve its own values for future generations.

Whether culture, tradition or sport – communities serve the exchange of individuals, promote a shared sense of achievement and fun.

That is why we are committed to supporting communities.
Here are some of our partners:

Upcoming events we are sponsoring:

As many our clients are from India we have a close relationship to the culture and we want to support communities and events for Indians in Germany.
With some communities we are in contact since many years and we are more than just business partners.


08.10.2022 - Navratri by India in Freiburg (Freiburg)

Host: India in Freiburg
St. Georgen Grundschule Freiburg

09.10.2022 - PRE-KARVA CHAUTH (Frankfurt)


New Era Club

Max Planck-Str. 9

63303 Dreieich


15.10.2022 - Diwali + Navratri by Rhein-Neckar Gujarati (Mannheim)

Host: Rhein-Neckar Gujarati

Kulturhalle Freudenheim

Spessartstr. 24-28
68259 Mannheim

15:00 –

16.10.2022 - Diwali Mela - New Era Club Frankfurt

23.+24.10.2022 - Diwali + Kali Puja - (Essen)

29.10.2022 - Diwali - by IAB (Bonn)

29.10.2022 - Diwali New Era Club Frankfurt

14.01.2023 - Sankranthi (Düsseldorf)

2023 - Durga Puja by ICCHE (Düsseldorf)

2023 - Durga Puja by IAB (Bonn)

If your Team or society also needs sponsorhsip, let’s connect for further details.