Individual Session for your group

Online or Face to Face Seminar

At German Sherpa, we believe in empowering expats with the financial knowledge they need to navigate life in Germany confidently. Our Individual Group Seminars offer customized financial education for various groups, ensuring that you and your peers receive the most relevant and valuable information.

Key Features of Our Individual Group Seminars:

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    Tailored Content:

    Our seminars are specifically designed for your group’s unique needs, whether you are part of a cultural group, sports team, or a company with many expat employees.

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    Flexible Format:

    We offer both online and face-to-face seminar options, ensuring that you can participate in a format that suits your group’s preferences and schedule.


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    Complimentary Seminars:

    Our seminars are free of charge, making them an accessible and valuable resource for your group. We require a minimum of 20 binding participants to conduct a session.

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    On-Site Availability:

    We are happy to conduct seminars at your location, making it convenient for your group to participate without the need for additional travel.


Ideal for Various Groups:

  1. Cultural Groups: Expats often find comfort and support in cultural groups, and our seminars provide essential financial knowledge to help members thrive in Germany.
  2. Sports Teams: If your sports team has expat members, we can tailor our seminars to address their unique financial needs. Additionally, we are open to discussing sponsorship opportunities for your team.
  3. Companies with Expat Employees: Support your expat employees by providing them with the financial education they need to succeed in their new home. Our seminars can be customized to cover topics relevant to your company and industry.

If you are interested in setting up an Individual Group Seminar for your organization, feel free to contact us directly via email. Let German Sherpa help you and your group navigate the complexities of finance in Germany with confidence.

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