• There are many things to protect

    …the broken car…

  • …a broken leg…

  • …or a broken mobile phone.

So many different insurances…

Here we give you an overview about the basic package insurance everyone in Germany should have as a core coverage.

Liability Insurance

Here we present 3 examples why a good liability Insurance is essential to have.
And I promise you – it is not about the broken mobile phone.

Most important is the coverage for personal damages, because these can easily reach 7digit amounts.

When you have kids we will ensure that they are covered the right way.

Many providers on the market do not cover kids younger than 7yrs – our partners do.

Household Insrurance

No matter if you live in your own apartment or house, in a rented one or even in a furnished apartment.

Imagine you go out for a walk, just wearing your clothes. You return to your apartment an a fire fighter comes out of the house to talk to you:

We are so happy to see you alive – we expected you inside the house. Good news: The fire is gone, bad news: everything which was not destroyed by the fire is now destroyed by our water.

Imagine you have to buy everything new.

Which amount would be needed?

What about Gold, jewelry and expensive watches?

Take your apartment, lift it up, turn it around and shake it…

Household insurance protects all your belongings against:

  • Fire,
  • tap water,
  • storm, hail,
  • burglary, robbery and vandalism

Top Tip:

In addition, other inclusions are possible, such as the theft of bicycles or the coverage of elemental damage (depending on the area you live) and overvoltage damage.

Legal Protection

Image you get in trouble with anyone – or someone sues you.
Legal Insurance covers the lawyers costs – worldwide.


  • private
  • job related
  • traffic (also as a pedestrian)
  • Landlord / Living related
  • extended crime protection is also recommended

add ons can be cyber protection and contract checking.

If you want to buy a new contructed house or apartment we need to include Legal protection for builders

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