Smart Investment Strategies for Expats in Germany

In the current financial climate, traditional interest-bearing products like savings accounts, fixed-term and overnight deposits, and conservative European government bonds struggle to generate satisfactory returns. The increasing home loan interests, high inflation, lingering effects of the pandemic, and ongoing war in Europe have made it even more crucial to explore alternative strategies for asset accumulation.

At German Sherpa, we’re committed to helping you invest your money wisely and achieve a self-determined future.

Our Investment & Protection seminar for Expats in Germany covers five key steps:

  • #1

    Lifetime financial planning strategy:

    Learn how to create a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific financial goals.

  • #2

    Adapting investments to the current financial landscape:

    Discover short-term, mid-term, and long-term investment options suitable for the current economic climate.


  • #3

    Gross vs. Net income:

    Find out how to maximize your net income from your gross earnings.

  • #4

    German pension system:

    Understand the challenges of the German public pension system, including an aging population and decreasing pension levels, and learn how to develop a private pension plan to secure your retirement.


  • #5

    Insurance guidance:

    Navigate the German insurance system and learn how to reduce costs while improving coverage.

Our consultation approach focuses on holistic financial advice, helping you make the most of the capital market opportunities for asset building.

We’ll guide you in finding the right investment strategy, using our best-select principle to choose the perfect solution from a range of renowned partners that align with your personal goals and desires.

Benefits of choosing German Sherpa:

  1. Customized investment proposals: Receive tailor-made investment recommendations based on your investment objectives, investor profile, and current market conditions.
  2. Managed investment portfolios: Opt for a portfolio actively adjusted over time by an asset manager, featuring recommended and sometimes exclusive fund-based asset management solutions.
  3. Diversified assets: Benefit from alternative investment funds that provide further diversification and development independent of the stock market and, in some cases, the economy. These funds invest in assets such as real estate, aircraft, residential property development, and global infrastructure projects.
  4. Lifelong financial concept: Enjoy a partnership that offers ongoing support, performance reports, and adjustments to your financial planning as your life situation evolves.
  5. Expertise and service promise: Leverage the knowledge of our experienced product management team and receive personalized support from your consultant.

Join us for our free online seminar and embark on the path to financial success with German Sherpa.

Market Overview Video from our Senior Investment Specialist Florian Hofmann

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