What are the challenges of the German pension system?

Is your pension still stable as Norbert Blüm, former Secretary of Labor promised in 1986?

Our reality is different.

The German Society is over aging, to many old people and not enough young people to keep the pension system alive. Age Pyramid in Germany looks like an Age Döner Kebab.

What are the issues:

  • Pension level decreased and will further decrease in the future (currently you can expect 33% of your last net paycheck – given the fact that you contributed 40yrs into the German Pension system, what of many of you will not manage to do.
  • Pensioners get older than they did in the past, e.g. the life expectancy of a newborn is now at 78,9 (boy) / 83,6 (girl)
  • Average pensioner retires at 64,9 yrs.
  • Contribution into pension system has increased and will further increase.

Do you know what the average pensioner in Germany achieves?

In average men get 1200 Euros pension while women only receive 700 Euros pension. Not enough to survive.

German Government recommends private pension planning to close the gap of income for your retirement.

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